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Some links to book reviews and interviews related to me or my work.


Strange Horizons Review: Thornfruit

“As the first book in a completed trilogy, Thornfruit did a good job of being self-contained while still leaving me curious and eager to find out what happens next. Though there were times I wanted to see more of events than what we were shown through the existing perspectives, I ultimately enjoyed the book, which is well-written, original and diverse, and definitely one I would recommend.”


Interview at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog

Author Veronica Scott interviewed me for USA Today’s Happy Ever After romance blog. We talked about Edge of Nowhere, the writing process, and my cat.


Love in Panels: Sci-Fi Romance Best Bets August 2018

Veronica Scott mentions Edge of Nowhere as a “best bet” in her sci-fi romance column at Love in Panels: “The world building was wonderful in the book, full of lived-in details that make the reader feel they could step right into the scene and feel at home.”


Joyfully Jay Review: Edge of Nowhere

“I found myself engrossed in following along with all the intricacies of how things worked and Davin just has created a clever and nicely developed world.

I also loved how there is sort of a mystery vibe here as Kit and Emil attempt to figure out what is really going on at the station. Things unfold a bit at a time, so we slowly begin to realize the extent of what is happening. As the book continues, we learn more and meet more people and each step of the way, I found myself totally engaged in following along and trying to figure out what was happening and who was behind it all. There is just great energy here and Davin keeps up some nice intensity.”


Happily Ever After Book Nerd Review: Edge of Nowhere

“From the moment I read the blurb for Edge of Nowhere I was excited and what was supposed to be a few chapters of reading turned into finishing this book in one sitting. Felicia Davin’s writing and storytelling flows quickly and I was sucked into the mystery, the world, and the characters from the very beginning. I’m a huge fan of science fiction romance and Edge of Nowhere is one that certainly stands out from the rest.”

Smexy Books Review: Edge of Nowhere

“Kit and Emil are really sweet guys with flaws, that they overcome to love each other. There is a pretty intense attraction between them, and their chemistry and sexual tension are done well.”